Dedicated offshore/Onsite development team

The billing will start from the second month on-wards, so you will get enough time to evaluate the resource capability in the first month if you are not satisfied, we will provide you replacement resource immediately without any additional cost.

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Pickzy Interactive is a leading Digital Marketing Company in Uk & USA, Our professionals are trained to attain the targeted goal either sale or getting leads. We always focus to achieve the goal in less cost which is easy to work with us.

Search Engine Marketing

Pickzy Interactive is a Digital Marketing Company in UK & USA, we are trained to attain the targeted goal and we always focus to achieve the goal in better conversion ratio which is easy to work with us.

If you are looking to promote your business or a product to online means you can reach out us.


Search Engine Marketing

Market Your Brand Online

Pay Per Click

Our experts are specialized in PPC to get more conversion. We always prefer CPC or CPA who need to increase either sales or getting leads from a campaign.

Cost Per Impression

We use to promote your brand or product for an awareness in search engine result page and its partner websites.

Product Listing Ads

Increase your E-commerce sale by running the product listing ads(PLA) which shows your product visual appearance in SERP .


Choose your perfect audience to get more sales, Target your audience based on location, gender, interest and category.


Start optimizing your content and landing page based on your keyword focusing to reduce the bid amount & to increase sales.


Increase your website traffics and sales by running an effective ad campaign to get a high return on investment for paying.