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The billing will start from the second month on-wards, so you will get enough time to evaluate the resource capability in the first month if you are not satisfied, we will provide you replacement resource immediately without any additional cost.

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We are experts at developing and optimizing a wide range of windows applications with special tools to make interactive and user friendly Windows Phone applications.


We have the ability to create mobile apps that have exceptional interface design and flawless features. Our highly efficient team provides us with the skill and expertise to make sure that your requirements are taken care of.

  • Being a large OS marketer, the windows have a larger support for the Apps, which are derived from the PC Applications. Now Major Applications and Website CRMs, made for PC are made into Mobile Apps.
  • Equipped with the market of Nokia and of their own, their Apps also has started to cater the day-to-day functions.
  • PC based Apps can be developed for you using this windows Apps Development SDK. Click below to know more on this.

Our Clients

Video Conference Controller

Equal-i is a Mobile app, designed by us for a Patented Teleconference Imaging System..

Health Mirror

This cloud based system engages patients by delivering targeted multimedia health education...

Diet Meal Planer App

Forager Pro is an Health conscious individuals head straight to Forager Pro for planning their daily meals...

Selling A Products

Selling a form of blue agave nectar, Mexican vanilla, coconut oil, and a skin care cream...

Windows App Development

We provide great deal of windows app development services

Windows App Development

Our developers deliver diverse and unique windows mobile applications which is reliable, elegant and convincing user experience

Custom Windows App Development

Customize your windows application as per the trending business requirements with state-of-the-art technology.

Ravel Application

Enhance revenue with travel application to made simplify travel based business and widens the gateway of business.

Maintenance & Back-End Support

Our Technical support team provides round-the-clock assistance to the clients for windows application.

Education Application Development

E-learning get deliver to end users with native education applications for windows platform.

Application Social Media Integration

Windows applications with social media functionalities that boosts your business level and strategies.